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Rick Dipaolo, Manager of Telesales for Connaught Laboratories, Inc.

The Value of Telemarketing

Establishing Outbound Telemarketing

Why In-House Telemarketing?

Is Cold-Calling Really Dead?


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The Value of Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the most effective ways you can reach your most important prospects, especially in the age of email.

The Value of Targeting

While others sit behind a desk and passively send messages to thousands of prospects, outbound telemarketing rifle-targets specific opportunities which are ideal for your product or service. The result is a higher close rate, greater engagement after the sale, and a larger overall ROI.

The Value of Communication

Did you know that most people believe they are a far better communicator with email than they actually are? It's true. A recent study (http://faculty.chicagogsb.edu/nicholas.epley/Krugeretal05.pdf) found that there are significant limitations to comprehension of email communication. Phone conversations convey nuances of emotion and expression that are difficult or impossible to express in email.

The Value of Personal Contact

Because of this greater communication bandwidth, phone conversations can create a much more personal rapport and bond with your prospect. As they progress from prospect to client to key account, maintaining this immediate, high-touch communication is essential.

The Value of Efficiency

Your sales force can sit in front of a phone or be on the road, closing sales in-person. A solid, well-established telemarketing program takes the burden of cold-calling (or even warm-calling) off your salesforce, and delivers qualified meetings-allowing them to deliver their best possible performance.