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Establishing a Telemarketing Program

Okay. Let's say you want to begin a telemarketing program. How do you get started, and how do you help ensure success?

Telemarketing Is Not Chance

Successful telemarketing doesn't just happen. You can't expect to pick up the phone and obtain results overnight. No matter how many people you call, you need to have the right message, the right strategy, the right systems in-place and reach the right decision maker to ensure that you continue to contact and engage the right prospects.

Telemarketing Is Not Connections

And, at the same time, you can't expect to simply leverage "connections" in order to produce long-term results. Knowing "the right people" might result in some short-term appointments, but turning those point connections into a multi-year strategy that powers real, sustained business growth usually doesn't work out well.

So, What Is Telemarketing?

There are three stages to any telemarketing program. Each stage builds upon the former, to create a solid, seamless, and reproducible experience that fosters long-term business growth. Let's take a look at these stages:


A successful telemarketing program is designed and built to meet the client's requirements and work with the existing sales culture. It is a fundamental tool used to train the telemarketer, and is a self-contained learning tool that will ensure the process is repeatable and transferable. This strategy is tested and modified as required to become a fully functional tool for a production telemarketing operation. The resulting documented strategy reflects the optimum message to key decision makers in the client's market.


A senior, experienced, and highly educated telemarketing team is necessary to ensure that the strategy has efficient day-to-day operation, penetrates the right markets and targets the right decision makers with the best message. During this phase, the program must receive the proper attention to assure program success from both a practical and strategic standpoint.

Strategic Direction

Once a telemarketing program is in place, it needs to be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is meeting the overall objectives; if it would be better to take the program in-house; if it should be turned to tapping other markets, or if it should be integrated with other marketing programs. A successful telemarketing program is a long-term endeavor that requires feedback and adjustment.

The Engine of Success

With the right development, a smart and motivated team, and on-target strategic review, telemarketing can be the engine of success that drives sustainable business growth for your firm.