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Why In-House Telemarketing?

It's no mystery. In-house telemarketing costs, statistically, about half the cost of outsourcing. If you're doing the volume to justify it, why not take telemarketing in-house?

Ideal for Tight Economies

With today's tight economic conditions, you need to save costs. Moving your telemarketing program in-house reduces costs, while still offering opportunities for you to virtualize your workforce. It's a win-win situation.

When to Go In-House

Taking telemarketing in-house is a multi-step process

Set-Up - establishing the tools, processes, and personnel you need for a successful system. This phase is critically important to obtain the "buy in" of all personnel, including upper management, for the program.

Monitoring - determining metrics, reviewing results, and providing real-time feedback and input to monitor results. Even the best-crafted program will need to be adjusted based on real results. A firm that is familiar with operating successful telemarketing programs can be a real asset in identifying ways to make the program most effective.

Expansion - scaling the program to your needs. This can be much more complex than simply adding staff. Training, management, monitoring, and extension of processes can all be involved.

The Bottom Line

In-house telemarketing allows you to manage and monitor your staff on your own terms, invest in your own employees, and close the gap between telemarketing and sales management—at a cost less than that of outsourced telemarketing.